Vinyl films purchased from Wrap Change are non returnable unless there is proof that it is defective. Please make sure you are sure of the vinyl wrap film order before completing your payment. The color images and pictures of all vinyl film colors on are for illustration purposes only and are not guaranteed to exactly match the physical product you will receive. This is due to the fact that image quality and monitor settings are different than how they are in real-life and we can’t control your monitor settings for optimal color display. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ORDERING A SAMPLE from the shop before committing to a large purchase. If you are not sure about any of the vinyl films or about wrapping, please contact us with your questions and concerns before placing an order. We are here to serve You as best as we can! Wrap Change vinyl films are sold only as described on this website.

Wrap Change will replace, or exchange manufacturer’s defective vinyl films (only for those products which are deemed to be incomplete or defective by a company representative) or if the wrong style and/or color or length of film has been sent. All complaints about vinyl defects or wrong items received have to be proven with pictures! Please send us an email with pictures of the defect or color/style difference along with the issues/problems. You must inform us about defects, wrong items, wrong colors, and shortages within 10 days from receipt of order. After 10 days of acceptance of your order shipment from the courier the order is considered complete. No replacements, exchanges or refunds issued after product is installed. Please note that products ordered at different times may be from different dye-lots, therefore we can not guarantee a 100% color shade or pattern match. There are no replacements, exchanges or refunds issued after 10 days of delivery.

If there is an issue of wrong color, size or manufacturer’s defect that was proven with pictures and accepted as a such by a representative, we will email you a return label to send the vinyl back to us. The replacement vinyl will only be shipped out once we receive, inspect and measure the vinyl film you have returned. This process can take up to 3 weeks.


Wrap Change does not refund any purchases once the item has been shipped. If you receive a defective vinyl film or the wrong color or size, please refer to the Returns policy above.

For cancellations before order is shipped out that are not our fault (you changed your mind) we will withhold the banking fee charged to us the card merchant provider and refund the rest. The withheld amount is approximately 3.6% of your total amount paid. If the cancellation is due to order out of stock, you will receive a full (100%) refund.

Damage to clear-coat and/or car paint is not under warranty by either Wrap Change or the manufacturers of vinyl films, as it is not the fault of the vinyl film and can be caused by many different factors out of our control; such as a damaged clear coat or paint, low quality paint job, repainted surfaces (not OEM paint) or wrong installation and/or removal technique. 


Please contact us to see if we are able to exchange any vinyl for an other color and/or style you ordered that you have not used, cut or damaged. We can only exchange the complete untouched rolls you originally ordered for another one. Return and reshipping charges are payable by you. Contact us to send you a return label. The replacement vinyl will only be shipped out once we receive, inspect and measure the vinyl film you have returned.

Damaged Packages or Defective Vinyl

If the box the vinyl was shipped in is damaged, check the vinyl inside for any damages. A damaged box does not necessarily mean damage to the vinyl. If you see damage to the vinyl after opening, take pictures of both the box and the vinyl and email it to us asap. Some “damages” such as wrinkles can be worked out with heat during install (the vinyl is designed as such), so make sure you have sent us pictures and wait for our response before installing it, so we can advise if you should try installation or if we need to exchange the vinyl for you.
If you only discover any defects in the vinyl when you start the installation, STOP, take pictures and contact us immediately. If you continue installing the film we will not be responsible for the defect any-longer as fully using the film (complete installation of the ordered vinyl) will mean you forfeit the chance of rectifying the problem by a replacement. You can see a defect in the film even before you cut it or at the latest during the installation of the first panel.