Can I wrap over scratches & Dents

Wrap vinyl is thin, conforms to surfaces with ease,

You can wrap over a dent or scratch, but it will still be seen.

It forms and fits to each and every shape,

Imperfections are still visible, make no mistake!


Good rule of thumb to find what you need,

Take the length of your vehicle and times it by three,

For bumpers and redo’s just take it from me,

We suggest that you add an extra 10 feet.

How long does a wrap last on a vehicle?

Soooo… 4-6 years in most cases

It will vary depending on where you place it.

If you want it to last and not ruin faster,

Prep and install it, just like a master.

Properly clean and maintain to help prevent disasters,

The biggest culprit is environmental factors.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

If the paint on your ride is flaking or chipped,

It may cause problems when removing the wrap from your whip.

Factory OEM paint that’s in good condition,

Should put you in a pretty great position.

Be sure to remove using recommended techniques

So you don’t drive around with chipped paint, for weeks.

What can i wrap?

If the vinyl sticks, let the wrap begin,

Architectural or auto, outside or in.

Most any surface non-porous and smooth,

Make sure and test first before you get in your groove.

Rubbers and fabrics, leathers and mesh,

Including some extreme textures, that may not work best.

Can I wrap an unpainted car that only has primer?

We do not recommend it even though it may stick,

Your freshly installed wrap may start to lift.

Adhesion is poor, so please don’t ignore me,

This “no, no” voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can i wrap only part of my car?

It’s your ride so have fun with design,

Express yourself and be one of a kind.

Choose your pattern and just wrap a section,

Or wrap the whole thing for better protection.

Whether a little or much, It just needs your touch.

Tell your friends about WrapChange and they will thank you a

Should I wrap over rust?